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Mighty Women in March - Natassia Apolloni

March 8 was International Women’s day and all this month Tiff is bringing mighty women to the Podcast. She’ll be showcasing different ladies who are demonstrating what it means to be a woman and kick life in the BUTT!

This week Tiff chats with someone who although is working in the media industry like Tiff, her outlook on life is VERY different. Natassia Apolloni is the Chief of Staff and Senior Journalist for the Illawarra division of Channel 9 and has been working on a life that she’s in love with for the past 10 years. They cover her values, why she returned to the place she grew up in and what’s on the horizon when you’re at the top of your game.

Tiff also brings a brand new element to the Miss Adventurous Podcast. Call Screaming (a take on call screening) is a new way she tackles getting those pesky phone calls from telemarketers, quote agencies and wrong numbers, something that happens to her on a daily basis. Why not turn it into a game and share it she asks.

Have a suss of the list of current characters that Tiff will be using here.

If you have a suggestion about a character you’d like Tiff to be, the wilder and wackier the better!

Comment or email thgrouge@gmail.com

Hit play below to listen to this week's episode.

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