Tiffany is a Certified ICF Coach with over 13 years in the Broadcast Radio Industry. 

After working the non-conventional corporate life of Radio Announcing for 13 years, she decided that it’s time to live life on her own terms.

Equipped with her award-winning broadcasting skills, Tiffany has turned her expertise into helping others. She helps female business owners who struggle with posting on social media.

From her research, she noticed that the majority of female business owners struggled with the same 5 things, so she decided to tailor her coaching to ladies who need the skills, support and the right mindset to ensure that they’re creating content that drives up the engagement with their audience.

She sees a lot of female business owners who these days:

  • Are so thinly stretched that they don’t have the time to post

  • Don’t know what to post and on which platform to get the best results for their business

  • Shy away from showing their faces on camera, for their business

So she decided to create her signature 8 week 1 on 1 coaching program to help female business owners create authentic, original content, work with a structure so they feel confident about posting online for their business as well as showing up on video & pictures online.

Tiffany is a spiritually connected woman, who loves connecting with other positive-minded souls. 

She spends her free time rollerskating and creating music.

If you would like Tiffany’s help, click the link below to book a FREE 1 on 1 chat with her.